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Introduction specialist

Dean Rhobaye is a leading authority and specialist in Minimally Invasive and Non-Surgical Facial Aesthetic Procedures with an additional background of thirteen years experience in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. He is the clinical director of a private practice in Harley Street specialising in advanced evidence-based aesthetic technologies, regenerative medicine, cosmetic dermatology and skin health. He has a particular interest in full facial harmonisation and rejuvenation treatments using minimally invasive techniques. Mr Rhobaye conducts several thousand facial soft tissue augmentation procedures a year and has considerable experience in delivering safe, reproducible and high-quality treatment results. He also has a strong interest in improving techniques as well as safety and outcomes in soft-tissue augmentation with cosmetic fillers. In this regard, he has participated in national advisory committees as a Key Opinion Leader for several global pharmaceutical companies to develop safe practices for cosmetic filler treatments. He also works closely with globally recognised and respected medical-grade skincare companies including Skinceuticals (L’Oreal) to educate patients and promote the importance of maintaining skin health through evidence-based skincare. 

Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgical Training experience

Mr Rhobaye graduated in Medicine and Surgery from University College London in 2004. Following three years of basic surgical training, he became a member of The Royal College of Surgeons of England following successful completion of examinations. He then entered eight years of higher surgical training in Plastic Surgery. His training included rotations in general plastic surgery, aesthetic surgery and trauma surgery, dealing with soft tissue reconstruction of the face and body.  His training culminated in senior fellowships in oncoplastic and microvascular surgery for three years before working as a reconstructive surgeon for two years as part of the Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive team based at the Heart of England Oncoplastic Service. During this time, he gained substantial experience in level I and II autologous and non-autologous breast reconstruction as well as reconstruction of the chest wall, abdomen and perineum. He has thirteen years experience in surgical facial surgery, including soft tissue reconstruction following cancer excision and trauma.

Research Experience research

Mr Rhobaye has considerable clinical and pre-clinical research experience gained throughout his career in medicine. He has an honours degree of Batchelor of Science (BSc) in Basic Medical Sciences with Pharmacology. He was awarded a First Class for his BSc as well as prestigious prizes from global pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and Zeneca (now Astra Zeneca) for ‘highest achieving graduate’ and ‘best research project’. Subsequently, after completing a four-year research project at the globally renowned Cancer Research UK institute in Lincoln’s Inn Fields, he was awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Cellular Biology and Molecular Oncology. He has presented in Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine at several national and international conferences and has contributed to publications in peer-reviewed journals, including Nature Cell Biology, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (Global Open), Journal of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, Journal of Microvascular Surgery and European Journal of Surgical Oncology. 

Minimally Invasive and Non-Surgical Aesthetic Experience skills

Mr Rhobaye initially trained to use specialist fillers for soft tissue augmentation while treating patients with acquired facial lipoatrophy during weekly clinics in the National Health Service (NHS) in 2008. Facial lipoatrophy is a condition that is characterised by extensive fat volume loss and can be caused by a number of chronic diseases and medication. The characteristic feature of facial lipoatrophy is a gaunt appearance that can be not only disfiguring but also a stigma of the patient’s underlying illness. Fascial lipoatrophy can, therefore, greatly impact confidence and create psychosocial dysfunction and potential withdrawal from society. Aesthetic correction of facial lipoatrophy is challenging and traditionally required repeated surgical correction (principally fat grafting) with significant risk and downtime that put it out of reach for many patients with this condition. The use of non-autologous fillers, therefore, provided a highly effective alternative technique for volume restoration without the need for surgery with a positive and often life-changing impact on these patients. Mr Rhobaye’s experience in treating facial lipoatrophy led to an increasing interest in developing skills and advancing techniques in non-autologous soft-tissue augmentation for other indications including cosmetic rejuvenation.  He has since designed detailed treatment algorithms for region-specific volumetric face restoration and contouring based on the principles of tissue vectoring, anchor points, myomodulation, biomechanics and filler rheology. His interest later expanded to soft tissue remodelling using minimally-invasive technologies, such as those based on newer generations of radiofrequency devices. This interest and passion continue until today, and Mr Rhobaye has progressively developed and expanded his skill set to provide high-quality treatments to patients using the most innovative and cutting edge techniques and technologies. He is also a firm advocate of educating patients on the use of evidence-based skincare and has collaborated with several leading global skincare organisations to promote the importance of improving and maintaining skin health.

Art and Sculpting artist

As well as winning awards in art and design in his youth, Mr Rhobaye has been a keen sculptor for many years. His techniques encompass both standard clay sculpting as well as, more recently, computer-based virtual sculpting using 3D visualisation software.  The ability to appreciate form, function, symmetry and proportions are inherent skills that a good sculptor possesses, as are a high degree of visual-spatial awareness, artistry and perception to detail. These skills enable Mr Rhobaye to provide a highly individualised treatment approach to each of his patients with the ability to appreciate both obvious as well as subtle variations inherent to each face. Consequently, there is a great synergy and overlap of skills as an artist and sculptor with those of being a facial aesthetics specialist, which is highly advantageous in allowing Mr Rhobaye to deliver outstanding and transformative yet natural-looking results.

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