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Our 360-degree approach to facial aesthetics aesthetics

The aim of good aesthetic rejuvenation is to restore or unmask an individual’s intrinsic beauty. It is the enhancement of an individual’s naturally beautiful features and the reduction of distracting or less aesthetically pleasing aspects of a face to create a more harmonious, balanced and radiant look. We believe that the most successful rejuvenation strategies are ones that are highly individualised to each patient and address different layers of the face. By staging these treatments over some time, we deliver gradual enhancement that ensures our patients look the best version of themselves – rested and refreshed rather than over-treated. We take a comprehensive and integrated approach that considers the full face rather than just separate features in isolation to achieve optimal structure, balance and proportionality.

Moreover, we believe that patients need to look their best from all angles and not just at rest but also, as importantly, during facial expression. Consequently, facial aesthetics is a true art form that, while based in science and research, also demands strong artistic acumen and eye for detail. We also believe that the most critical factors that drive our success in achieving a natural, soft, expressive and refreshed look in our patients are our considerable skillset, advanced and pioneering techniques, in-depth knowledge and wealth of experience.

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Evidence-based practice quality

Currently, one of the greatest criticisms of aesthetic medicine both in the UK and globally is the prevalence of clinics providing unproven products and technologies that lack proper scientific assessment. These clinics often promote treatments due to financial incentives without properly assessing whether they actually work. Indeed, they often base their decisions to offer certain treatments on unproven anecdotal ‘evidence’ or the manufacturer’s own claims based on limited and poorly designed studies. Worse still, many clinics offer ‘fad’ treatments that are often backed by celebrity endorsements or popularised on social media with little scientific scrutiny. At Sloane Clinic, we have a fundamentally different approach when selecting our treatments and technologies. We always look at both the quantity and quality of the scientific data supporting the manufacturer’s claims of efficacy, the range of results achievable on average, and most importantly, the long-term safety of the treatment. We combine this with our own expertise and experience and our patient’s wishes and values to provide a truly evidence-based aesthetic medical practice.

Best-in-class products and Innovative Technology premium

An essential component of our practice philosophy is the use of high-grade premium products and devices from selected partners that share our values of quality and safety. Our treatments are evidence-based with research-demonstrable efficacy and a proven long-term safety record. They have been selected, developed and perfected with the expertise, in-depth knowledge and insight that comes with our considerable experience in aesthetic medicine. To read more about these products, please refer to our premium brand partners section.

Putting patient safety and well-being first safety

Without exception, we place the safety and well-being of our patients paramount in every treatment that we provide. Each procedure is carried out to the highest standards of care by dedicated highly trained professionals using the safest best-of-class technologies and products. We conduct regular clinic audits and risk assessments to ensure that we practice to the best international standards. We also ensure that our practitioners undergo continuous professional development and training, with regular appraisals and assessments. Our consultations are always aimed at giving the best quality advice about treatments that is most beneficial to you, even if that means advising you not to have a treatment.  We carefully assess your specific needs and state of health and ensure that you have realistic expectations of treatment outcomes and have fully understood the risks and benefits of each treatment. We always strive for long-term relationships with our patients based on trust, reputation and integrity rather than focusing on short term financial gain.

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