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Body contouring with radio-frequency tighten

BodyTite™ is a minimally-invasive treatment that uses radio-frequency (RF) energy to effectively tighten and lift sagging body skin as well as reduce fat.

BodyTite™ can be used as an isolated procedure or in conjunction with traditional liposuction to both address stubborn pockets of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise, and to treat skin laxity at the same time. BodyTite™ therefore not only sculpts and re-contours but also lifts and tightens skin for smooth results.

The BodyTite™ procedure is gentle enough to be used almost anywhere on the body; this includes the abdomen (such as a post-pregnancy “mummy-tummy”), inner and outer thighs, male breasts (gynaecomastia) and arms. A complementary modality, FaceTite, can be used by Dr Rhobaye to treat and tighten the face, jawline and neck. Similarly, AcuTite can be used to treat small delicate areas such as the eyelids, using the same technology. All of these procedures are often combined with Morpheus 8™ fractional skin and subdermal collagen remodelling to enhance the tightening effect.

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Treatment Overview

work How does BodyTite™ work?

BodyTite™ is an advanced minimally-invasive body contouring and skin tightening treatment that uses state-of-the-art directional radio-frequency energy to generate heat in the skin and underlying tissue from the inside-out. This carefully controlled and precise heating effect breakdowns fat (lipolysis) and tightens the skin with impressive long-term results, avoiding the need for more extensive excisional surgical procedures that are associated with a substantial degree of visible scarring.

icon-clock How long is the procedure?

A detailed consultation with Dr Rhobaye is undertaken at your first appointment for a tailored treatment strategy assessing your overall body fat and skin quality, as well as determining the target treatment areas. The duration of the actual procedure will depend upon the number and size of the areas being treated, ranging from 30 minutes to 3 hours. There will also be a short stay afterwards in a recovery area before being discharged home.

icon-needle How comfortable is the treatment?

The procedure is performed using a local anaesthetic alone (for small localised areas) or in combination with sedation (twilight anaesthesia), particularly if combined with liposuction. In both cases, a tumescent technique is used, where the local anaesthetic is mixed with saline (salt water) fluid and adrenaline. A volume of this wetting solution is then injected into the areas to be treated. This technique provides several benefits, not least being maximum comfort during the procedure, avoiding the need for a general anaesthetic.

For larger areas, a sedative may also be used for even greater comfort. The adrenaline used in the tumescent solution also temporarily constricts the blood vessels resulting in substantially less bleeding and bruising. Although some bruising and swelling still occur, these are significantly reduced in comparison to standard techniques resulting in less downtime and faster recovery.

icon-heart How long is the recovery time?

You should be back to your normal activities within a few days to two weeks, depending on the areas treated. You will need to wear a compression garment for four to six weeks to support the areas treated and to reduce any post-procedure swelling. This is worn continuously for the first 2 weeks and then with more frequent breaks in the subsequent weeks.  Swelling is most evident during the first two weeks, particularly if BodyTite™ is combined with liposuction, then steadily resolves over the next 8-10 weeks and settles in around 12 weeks.

exercise When can I exercise?

Following the procedure, light exercise can be resumed after 5-7 days such as gentle cardio (treadmill, walking). More strenuous exercises should be avoided until 2 weeks, and higher impact cardio until 4-6 weeks.

icon-eye When will I see results?

The results take time to develop as the swelling begins to settle. The fat reduction after BodyTite™ and liposuction can become visible at around 4-12 weeks. However, the skin tightening effects take longer to develop, approximately 3-6 months, reflecting the effects of controlled heat damage, which gradually stimulates collagen and skin tightening through the healing process. This skin tightening effect continues for up to one year after treatment.

It is important to note, however, after either BodyTite™, liposuction or CoolSculpting® fat freezing, that it is still possible to gain weight in the treatment area. However, as long as you maintain a healthy body weight and lifestyle with regular exercise, your results should remain stable long-term.

Disclaimer: Individual results and reactions may vary and can be affected by factors such as weight loss, stress and metabolism.

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  • Overview of the BodyTite™ technology

    The BodyTite™ handpiece consists of a pair of connected electrodes, one is placed under the skin through a tiny incision, and the other sits externally on the skin surface. 

    RF energy is delivered through the tip of the internal active electrode and passes through the subcutaneous tissue and skin up to the external return electrode. This directional RF energy generates a precisely controlled heating gradient which melts the fat, contracts the fibrous septal connective tissue network and tightens the skin at different temperature points optimised for each layer. Both electrodes have a temperature monitor that continuously analyse the deep tissue and skin, ensuring optimal temperature levels are achieved for maximal skin contraction, and to prevent under- or overheating.

    The body’s natural production of collagen and elastin is stimulated and regenerated over the following months as part of the natural healing process that is triggered by the controlled heating effect, resulting in long-term contraction and tightening of the skin.

  • Patient suitability for BodyTite™

    BodyTite™ is suitable for most people with skin laxity and sagging that are looking to firm and contour the body, as well as eliminate some fat. Patients who have more significant fat deposits ideally need a combination of BodyTite™ with surgical liposuction (at the same time) or non-surgical body contouring procedures such as Coolsculpt™ (at different times) to achieve optimal results.

    As with liposuction and Coolsculpt™, BodyTite™ should not be regarded as a “quick fix” treatment for individuals who are overweight. The best and safest results are achieved in patients who are as close to their ideal body weight as possible (body mass index or BMI of between 20 to 25kg/m2). Patients who have already optimised their diet, exercise and personal health but who continue to have localised stubborn areas of fat excess and mild to moderate skin laxity are ideal candidates.

  • Benefits of the BodyTite™ system

    Radio-frequency is an established energy-based treatment for skin tightening. Most RF systems, however, have been limited by their ability to deliver the RF energy effectively and safely to the target area resulting in inconsistent and often disappointing results.

    Heated skin and soft tissue contract: how much they contract depends on the amount of energy (or heat) delivered. Unlike BodyTite™, other RF systems heat the skin externally (from the surface) instead of internally (sub-dermal). Since the skin is less able to withstand heat than the deeper fat and connective tissue layers, these external RF systems can only safely deliver lower levels of heat to the soft tissue and with much more limited penetration to reduce the risk of burns and scarring. This results in less effective heat delivery and consequently, less skin contraction.

    With BodyTite™, RF bipolar energy is carefully directed to the area being treated, heating the site from the inside-out allowing the deeper layers to be heated to a higher temperature than the skin across a temperature gradient. This, in turn, allows for more precise treatment with significantly better body sculpting results that are long-lasting.

  • Combining BodyTite™ with liposuction

    Liposuction treatment on its own can leave skin loose and flaccid after the fat has been removed. BodyTite™ not only helps remove excess fat deposits but simultaneously tightens skin, with immediately noticeable results. Conversely, patients who have significant skin laxity but only small areas of fat deposits would benefit from BodyTite™ alone. Patients with more extensive fat, however, would achieve greater benefit by combining BodyTite™ with traditional liposuction.

    Several energy-based devices have been introduced over the years to treat skin laxity in combination with liposuction, mostly with inconsistent results. These include VASER, SmartLipo, SlimLipoand Ultrasound-assisted Lipectomy, all of which have been proposed to tighten skin but have variable effects on individual patients. BodyTite™ is an evolution of these adjunct modalities producing more consistent and significant skin tightening effects, with clinical studies showing up to 40-60% improvement. 

  • Areas that can be treated with BodyTite™

    BodyTite™ is effective for treating skin laxity and unwanted pockets of fat (resistant to diet and exercise) in the following areas :

    • Lower abdominal fat rolls
    • Flanks (“love handles”)
    • Outer thighs and hips (“saddlebags”)
    • Inner thighs
    • Post pregnancy abdominal skin laxity (“mummy tummy”)
    • Arms (“bingo-wings”)
    • Knees
    • Necks with excess fat and laxity
    • Male breasts or gynaecomastia (“moobs”)
  • Safety of the BodyTite™ procedure

    BodyTite™ is one of the most advanced and effective minimally-invasive skin tightening and fat reduction devices available using patented radiofrequency assisted liposuction (RFAL™) technology. It is one of only a very few devices of this type to have been both approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States, and CE marked in Europe.

    The system has powerful and effective built-in safeguards, such as real-time measurements of skin and fat temperature so that only the correct amount of energy is delivered, impedance monitoring, and power cut-off with audible feedback for complete patient safety and comfort. Once the desired cut-off temperature is achieved for maximum contraction of the skin, the energy is switched off.

  • Normal temporary side effects following BodyTite™

    Common side effects include bruising and swelling in the treated area. Swelling can last up for several weeks but is reduced by wearing the compression garment.

    The anaesthetic fluid will leak through the tiny incision holes during the first 24 hours after treatment, which is entirely normal, and dressings will be provided. These holes are only rarely sutured as they are small and usually heal very quickly on their own following the procedure with minimum scarring. Lumpiness and uneven skin in the treated area are also common but will usually resolve within the first month.

    Patients may experience some numbness which is a temporary effect of the heating of the skin nerves during treatment; this usually resolves completely within 2-3 months.

  • Potential complications following BodyTite™

    There is a very small risk of infection, which is substantially minimised by the aseptic and sterile conditions used during the procedure as well as by taking antibiotics during and after the procedure. As part of the healing process, the body produces a clear fluid rich in nutrients. Occasionally, this may collect to form a seroma, which is usually self-resolving but sometimes may need to be drained as an office-based procedure.

    Very occasionally, patients may develop a collection of blood (haematoma) although this is also usually self-resolving and rarely requires intervention (there may be more extensive bruising, however). The small incisions usually heal very well with tiny scars. In a few patients, these may become more obvious and lumpy (although there are potential treatments to make them less noticeable). As with any cosmetic procedure, we always strive to get as symmetrical results as possible but perfect symmetry cannot be achieved in treatments of this nature. There is also a very small risk of noticeable asymmetry, which may require a secondary procedure.  There is a very rare risk of potential injury to the bowel or organs when treating the abdomen with both liposuction and, to an even lesser extent, BodyTite™. This risk may be increased (but remains extremely small) in patients with abdominal hernias.  With the correct technique, caution and experience, however, all of these risks are kept minimal.

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