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Introduction in-depth

We can offer two types of virtual consultation. The first is a basic pre-consultation, which is a complimentary assessment based on a written questionnaire and two photographs that can be submitted below. A pre-consultation is particularly suitable for patients who are uncertain if they are suitable for treatment and would like an initial opinion before committing to a more formal consultation with Dr Rhobaye. As this service is usually over-subscribed, there may be some delay in response, but we always endeavour to provide an opinion as soon as we can. Please also note that as this is not a full medical assessment, any initial advice given may be subject to change following a formal consultation.

For patients who would like a full in-depth consultation directly with Dr Rhobaye without having to attend the clinic, then a virtual consultation can be done via Skype or Zoom. This service is particularly useful for prospective patients who are based abroad and who are unable to travel to the clinic or who prefer the privacy of an online evaluation. Please note that following a Skype/Zoom consultation, a further medical examination must be performed in person before any treatment (this is included in the consultation fee).

Pre-consultation assessment

To receive preliminary advice based on pre-consultation, you will need to submit some basic information via the portal below. First, please complete the pre-consultation form and attach 2 to 4 photographs of the area you wish to improve and then press the submit tab. After reviewing the information and photographs that you have provided, we will respond by secure password-protected email, letting you know if we think that you are a suitable candidate for treatment and whether we can help. We can then schedule an appointment for you to meet Dr Rhobaye in person or through a virtual Skype/Zoom consultation.

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Pre-Consultation Assessment

To make the most out of your pre-consultation, do your best to submit your photographs. This will allow us to make the most comprehensive assessment.

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    Skype/Zoom Consultation assessment

    A Skype/Zoom consultation enables patients to have a real-time face-to-face consultation with Dr Rhobaye from the comfort of home or other private location without having to travel to the clinic. This consultation provides an in-depth assessment of your aesthetic concerns as well as your short-term and long-term treatment goals.  A detailed medical history, including any current or previous medication, will be taken to determine your suitability for treatment. A tailored treatment plan can then be formulated with you, and an indication of the likely schedule and frequency of the treatment sessions will be provided. An additional physical examination of the proposed treatment areas will be performed at a later stage in the clinic before treatment as part of the consultation process.

    Following your Skype/Zoom consultation, you should have a clearer idea of what treatments are best for you, as well as a sense of what having treatment with Dr Rhobaye would be like should you wish to proceed.

    The fee for Skype/Zoom consultations with Dr Rhobaye is £250.

    Get started by filling out the form below to request a Skype/Zoom consultation with Dr Rhobaye.

    Guidance for submitting photographs

    To make the most out of your pre-consultation or Skype/Zoom consultation, please submit your photographs using the guidance below. This will allow Dr Rhobaye to make the most comprehensive assessment.

    • Use a solid background, preferably black or blue
    • Take photographs in an area with good natural lighting
    • The photographs must be taken without make-up
    • Pull hair back and away from the face
    • Take one frontal photo with the body centred and facing forward
    • Take at least one, preferably two, profile photos
    • Take at least one, preferably two, oblique photos
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    Skype/Zoom Consultation

    Get started by filling out the form below to request a video consultation.

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